Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Truthfully I am nowhere the me I know I am destined to be. One side of me is about saving the community and being a positive voice to the next generation but that same voice is seasoned at manipulation and has often been used to manipulate women for money and sex yea I know this shit is complex. Never have I ever really had press up to survive my bare minimum of effort tends to be better than average yet I know that a focused me is nothing shy of great yea I know this struggle is complex. Doing my best left me sad confused and upset but while I was bullshitting I was happy had some change in my pocket and looked at my best yea I know this shit is complex. no man is without flaw and we all have our vices. I would probably be ready to kill somebody son if the ever introduced my daugters to the type of shit that I once did yea I know this shit is complex. Yet each day I arise focused on the prize that is yet to come while learning to choose my battles wisely all the while fearing none hoping that i enjoy sweet victory prior to a bitter demise. Hoping my gift is not also my curse and my deeds will be seen loved and appreciated by the universe yea I know this shit is complex....

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