Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wear a smile to hide the tears on the inside. Constantly self medicating with libations and isolation but I still feel no better maybe even a bit worse. Inside the mind of a youngin with champange taste and a beer budget, good intentions potential amd ambition but this only will get you so far. Much responsibility and few resource sometimes it feels impossible to stay the course. Following a dream could be the demise of present success all the while parenting and trying my best who knew this is what it would come to and who knows what test will be next........

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Message vs Delivery

Many times we miss a great message because the delivery is off a bit. I never want to miss an oppurtunity to help another or myself because the delivery is tainted. The key to communication is timing. Timing is vital to the success of anything. Don't let your message be lost by poor delivery. The time to share advice and criticism is vital to the recipient as it is to the messenger. Sometimes time is needed to think and word things properly. You never know the mindset of another regardless what you may think. Don't make the common mistake of expecting others to share the same opinion and values as you. A safe practice will be if you don't want a person to approach you with info don't approach them. Don't let something vital be listed by poor delivery just a thought.........

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Drugs and alcohol are not the only things we some time need to rid ourselves of. Detox has been defined as followed: 
1. To counteract or destroy the toxic properties of.
Now don't read this and say ferg told me to go kill and destroy any and everything that has been toxic to me but sometimes we must socially detox. We must get a way from the mix to see what ingredients in the mix are really not needed. Sometimes we must detox from family and friends. Everybody that say they care doesnt and every hand extended is not an attempt to help you. Survey your life and relationships and I am sure you can identify something or someone who is a toxin to your success. Once this toxin is identified sit back and weight the pros and cons of said toxin. If this toxin serves no role vital for you to sustain life let the detox begin. Detox is not always easy and normally involves sacrifice and pain. The only process known to have caused death is detoxing from alcohol so no cutting toxic people out your life wont kill you. Trust I am not preaching merely sharing a thought that I tend to put into action in the near future. Hopefully the end result will be something beautiful and beneficial to you and yours.

Pet Peave

The only thing worse than a liar is a hypocrite. Please don't make yourself believe you are right and all others are wrong because you don't wanna face reality. I was always told whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The old saying stands true aont no fun when the rabbit got the gun. Its always everybody else fault and its different when it comes to you yea fukn right. Right is right wrong is wrong it can't be everybodies fault every time. Suck it up or shut the fuk up either way I am going to be fine. The nobliest of deed and gestures can some how be misinterperted by some as some sinister ploy to decieve them conspiracy theorist for no damn reason smh just a rant peace

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



[muh-nog-uh-mee] Show IPA
marriage with only one person at a time. Compare bigamy, polygamy.
Zoology . the practice of having only one mate.
the practice of marrying only once during life.
Monogamy is revered as the way to go. So they say. Monogamy is redundant was a line in a rap song that got me to thinking. The practice of having one mate is ideal but how realistic is it. This is in no way a attempt to justify cheating, pologamy, or being a player. Simply an argument being made from the other side of the spectrum. I tend to get bored very easy. The same thing day in day out will drive me nuts. The same sex, same look, same argument will at some point get old. I believe monogamy can be achieved if both parties evolve at the same rate to remain the object of affection to there mate. If no growth as a unit takes place monogamy is doomed. Monogamy scares me it seems like setting yourself up to be hurt or hurt someone else. Variety is what makes life so much fun if one thing doest work there are several options available to attempt until you find whats best for you. Maybe thats it and the soultion to my issue maybe I havent found everything that works for me in one person maybe one day I will.........

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Out of the blue and in the blink of a eye everything went crazy. Life in overdrive and its all bad. Then she walked in and changed the whole mood. Her smile was soothing. Her voice seductive and calming in the midst of chaos. Her walk was truly something to see even the girls had to stop and stare. Her sexiest attribute wasnt physical at all. It was her confidence. She had a way about her that screamed I will come I will see and I will conquer losing is not an option. Who is she, idk exactly, didnt get a chance to get her name but her mere presence was a breath of fresh air.......


Sometimes I wonder why me Sometimes I wonder is struggle and  pain simply my destiny Sometimes I wonder do the people really that here lately I let stress get the best of me Sometimes I wonder what you would do if you were me  Sometimes I wonder if this shit even worth it Sometimes I wonder if I would still complain I discovered perfect Sometimes my mind drifts and I think alot of crazy things Sometimes I wonder if all of yall are stable and I'm the one thats insane Sometimes I wonder is all my hard work in vein Sometimes..............