Saturday, January 19, 2013

Am I my brothers/sisters keeper...

Am I my brother/sisters keeper if so why is it my attempts to keep them keeps me in the middle of conflict? Gracious and helpful intentions misunderstood as picking sides and tolerance. Though I disagree with what you say and do sometimes but isnt my responsibility to right or wrong be of aid to you? As time passes and what little good that is left to be associated with my name instantly becomes questionable cause I took one for the team. Losses on the name of loyalty hurt more when loyalty is not reciprocated and I stood to gain nothing to begin with. Good bad ugly or otherwise know you can count on me cause you never had a friend like me but the million dollar question is can you be the same to me .

Monday, January 14, 2013

I rather...

I rather have a dedicated enemy than a sometimes friend. I rather have a broke sensible friend than a rich one who is out of touch with reality. I rather have my sanity and integrity than fame and fortune. I rather die as a result of giving my all than to live miserably having not tried at all. I rather stand alone for what I believe than have have a following based off false hope. I rather suffer the pain of my mistakes than point the blame at you. I rather be silent than speaking another to their demise. I rather die today than forever live a lie. I rather see you live than help you die. I rather teach you a skill than allow you to depend on me in order to survive. I rather......


Without this we are lost. Without this nothing we do will work. Without this we will repeat the same cycle. Without success is merely a word. Without this dreams amd goals turn to fantasy. Without this recklessness will consume us. Without this we are lost. FOCUS

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Everything I'm not made me everything I am

Its so easy to get caught up in failure. It hurts and usually drowns out everything else happening at the time. As I grow I have learned that failure and defeat are not so bad. Struggles and adversity are needed to appreciate victory. Adversity builds character. The key is finding lessons in those struggles. The struggles dont define me the lessons learned do. Everything I'm not made me everything I am and it ain't over yet judge me by my progress...

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. The circumstances we can control we must not take for granted. The minute we do we become victims. The circumstances that arise and seem chaotic really can be managed simply. All variables that you can control and disclipline is the key.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The reason I once loved you so much is no longer the case. Politics and fame is all the craze no real reverence for the craft at all. Microwave process yet we wonder why nobody is running to join us. We do afew things to make ourselves feel but no real out reach yet we say this is all about charity. I question the passive district we be become and you villianize me and stunt our growth for years to come .....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cold world

Its a cold world we live in when once uppn a time wholesome folks only motivated by dividends or things that only tend to benefit them. Morals values loyalty and friendships must take a backseat caise right now all I care about os ensuring that I eat. No care in the world bout my fellow man if they aint doing for me they ain't doing for me they have no purpose in this plan. After it's all said and done what u value most is a loyal friend....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Self control

Self control can save ia a ton of mistakes. Simply saying no or walking away can keep your stress level down. The lack of self control can be the demise of anyone. Dad always told me think before you act...

Friday, January 4, 2013


There is a difference between being selfish and one being pro self. There is nothing wrong with lending a helping hand but one must draw the line somewhere. I can only be of assistance to you if I in right relations with myself. The more intrest I place in learning and truly knowing me the better off I will be. When you dont do as others believe you should then they label you as selfish. The reality is if they were pro self then they wouldn't always need you to make sense of things on their behalf. Being pro self should be priority for all of us the best me should promote and require the best of all those I encounter. If me being pro self saves me money headache amd drama amd you still see it as selfish then maybe I was an enabler to your bs amd you should begin to take steps to become pro self...

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Ideal can be defined as the ultimate object or aim of endeavor. Ideal is it. Ideal is what perfect is for you. So i pose the question, as it pertains to relationships how does one discover what is ideal? Its like a social experiment everyday to maintain a healthy relationship. No two days will be exactly the same. How can a relationship be ideal if it is forever evolving on a daily basis? True as in any experiment there will be constants that never change which give you a steady foundation from which to build but those can change sometimes too. Ideal or perfect or whatever you believe to be best suited for you could be the very things that makes me not wanna be around you. Do couples that survive in fifty sixty year long marriages begin to adapt the others ideals? That would seem like the only logical answer to have a similar seidea of what ideal is and work in unison to achieve the same goal. Heres whete this concept and defition gets tricky for me and end with one simple question How can i be the ideal mate for you if i have yet to achieve the ideal me ? Just something to think about

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I hate when people make excuses and justify their own stupidity. Just because I don't choose to be involved on ya craziness doesn't mean I am judging you just means I don't care tp support you and your bs. Having my own opinion on the way things work is not a judgment. Justifying bs by blaming others will only stunt your growth and trust me sometimes it leaves scars