Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Remember ..........

I remember when regardless of what our lives were like our bond is something that could never be taking for granted. I remember a time when you word was the most solid of all folks in my world. I remember when whenever I needed you you never let me down. I remmber a time when use to eat steak drink good have the funniest talks. I remember getting wasted getting lost and sleeping in the spider man bed lmao. I remebe experiencing nothing but laughter love and good times. I remeber hotels southern hills and all the good times. I rekember you being special to me and being the realist bitch alive . Will such memories ever return to reality or is the memories all I got to hold on too.............

Social networks vs Reality

Social networks have become a thorn in my side . Certain think certain things are pointed at them or about them and all hell breaks lose. Lets be rreal we all know that individual thats interrnet life and real that have nothing in common. Mind yo biz and let me do me and if i @ you its for you otherwise look and keep it moving. If it bothers you that much delete me . The reality I live in is fonsitent across the board. If i am down it shows if im up it shows. I hate the fact that I have to censor my thoughts for the sake of other peoples insecurities. Social networks dominate the minds of several folks to the point they believe all that they read and quickly pick up the phone and include others. The fact that i know niggas real life makes me simply laugh at them and keep it moving. Women lie men lie and I believe all social networks is a fukn lie . I think that social networks are drama central and have altered the lives of some folks that the live they life thru social media that the lines of reality are so blurred . I wont be surprsised in the future if mental health facilities provide inpatient treatment as a result of the mess promoted via social networks. Real life doesnt take place on facebook or twitter etc. Social networks are what you allow them to be dont let them become your reality.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cowards & Hypocrites


a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.


: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings 
These two words are two things I pray I never become. First off my daddy nor my mama is a coward therefore its outside of my genetic make up to be either of these. Lets be real we all know somebody that is always the victim. The person that does shit but the minute you address them or call them out on their wrongs they wanna judge you for the manner in which you respond to they fuk up. Anybody that is timid or easily intimidated need to run away from me. Seriously I don't bite my tongue and I can care less what you think of me as long as you respect me for being me and not being afraid to speak my mind we good. You don't have to understand me or agree with my ideology . I hate to hear some people complain about things that they have full power to change.I hate those that crumble in the face of adversity and jump ship. Now hypocrisy is kind of tricky cause most hypocrites have a way with words and are usually intelligent and well with words they can turn you into one of them if you not careful. When you initially meet a man or women all I have to go off is what you tell me. This initial encounter allows me to develop a opinion. Its important to know yourself and your own limitations to avoid hypocrisy. Its important to establish beliefs and values that no one can make you waver from. If you dont stand for something you will fall for anything. No need to present false appearance cause in time something or someone will expose you for what you really are. I could be wrong but contradictions sound like lies to me. Life happens and somethings change but your entire being shouldn't be altered instantly. In closing there is no role, room, or need for a coward in my path.As far as hypocrites you guys humor me but I good without you too. If your words and your actions don't add up you just may be a hypocrite. Luckily for some its not too late to stop being cowards and hypocrites but then after you are exposed you lose your validity regaining it can be a lifelong task but that's another blog for another day.........

Is chivalry dead and if so who killed it?

Day in day out i hear my female friends complain about the treatment they receive from males. I read studies and articles that say the same thing. I disagree with chivalry being dead but I do acknowledge a decline but it is not dead at all.
the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
the rules and customs of medieval knighthood.
the medieval system or institution of knighthood.
a group of knights.
5.gallant warriors or gentlemen: fair ladies and noble chivalry.

Once upon a time chivalry was a must. In the old days I would have been alone because for a long time I shunned chivalry simply because of past heartbreak. I vowed to never do anything extra until a women proved her self worth of such. Funny thing is it actually isn't extra at all just simply what you do when you genuinely interested in a woman. Courting was a good practice that we as a society have deserted. In the courting stage chivalry was what set you apart from the rest. Alot of us lack communication skills which makes chivalry hard some of us have no knowledge of chivalry therefore can't be expected to practice that which we don't know. I am going to be fair so don't go crazy on me ladies I am going to address the males in a sec but this part is for you all. Historically woman have always fought for equality. In the last few decades there has been a shift in the thought process and belief system in our society. Some gender roles have changed and along with it a new culture has emerged. What is this culture I speak of? Its the culture of MISS INDEPENDENT. The ultimate self reliant, unstoppable, woman that needs nothing or no one. I am a fan of a women with ambition, ability, and that is confident in her abilities. There is always a limit that must be imposed on anything to achieve success. Some of you are so independent that you become unapproachable in a sense. There is also a portion of you independent women that are so consumed with self and miss out as a man attempts to be that chivalrous knight in shining armor that you say you want and deserve. There is also a portion of woman who set the bar so low for getting there attention that chivalry is not needed nor would it be understood. Ok now on to me and my fellow males. I cant peak for all but I know that many of us refuse to do any more than necessary to get where we trying to go. A bustdown wont get treated as wifey material and vise versa. But brethren if you used a bit of chivalry she would be easier to bust down sad but I got to be truthful. We as males have to make sure that we don't sell ourselves short by simply accepting whatever the woman wants to give us. If we desire a classy lady we must carry our self even in a manner that exhibits more class than we expect them too. We must hold our self to a standard that would make chivalry the bare minimum and a mandatory practice in our daily lives. Now on to the murderer of chivalry. I am going to be brief and bullet these out because this is getting long but stay with my cause this going to touch all of us but if we know the problem we can find the solution so here we go. 1.The lack of fathers and positive male role models to observe. Its hard to do something you were never taught. 2.Ladies not making us step our games up in order to enjoy they company. A man can only do what you allow him to so either stop settling or stop complaining and learn to like the treatment you getting cause you the fool that allows it. 3.SEX SEX SEX!!!!! We live in a sex driven society. Sex is everywhere from advertisement, to movies, to everywhere we turn there is some sexual reference being made. I say this to say sex is so dominant in our society and we all have I am just trying to get mine attitude that there is no room for chivalry if all we want is sex. Define what is acceptable for yourself set standards and stick to them. Chivalry is far from dead and if we tweak a few things we can all ensure that it never dies but in essence becomes a standard for generations to come.


Dont have a title simply a rant. The main folks playing innocent is the biggest crooks. Maybe your recreational drug usage impairs your memory idk but its funny how in one sentence lie to me twice and still expect me to be a concerned friend and offer advice and support. Not! Some people still have a notion that allows them to operate there life with no regard to the way there behavior effects others . The second you call them out you the bad guy and they the victim. I have made a pledge to myself to boycott bullshit for the rest of my days. Bulsshit being to me anything or anyone who is not moving in the sme direction as me and woking to obatain growth wealth and success. Dear you as much as I love you I hate you at times and until you can keep it 100 at all times not only when it stands to prove your innocence or the guilt of another party I will take all words you say with a grain of salt. You exhibit all the characteristics that you say you depise and go thru great lenghts to justify your methods sorry you just as wrongs as those you speak of. To thyself remain true. I dont even know if you grasp such a concept but o well I do and I aint breaking my balls for no one. Sad to see you now from what I know you can be smh

No repeats

One of my biggest pet peves in life is repetitive and redundant shit. Check this out life is like a good book. Each day is like a chapter being written. Never have I ever read a book with two chapter six. I say that to say live and let die. The past is the past for a reason leave it there. Ex's are ex's for a reason leave them there. It is so counterproductive to growth and progress to repeat things that didn't work. I hate to repeat conversations or situations it gets me nowhere. Insanity is defined as doing the exact same thing repetitively and expecting a different result. No need to repeat shit especially stupid shit then complain. Continue to write new chapters and progress don't repeat things and if you feel you must don't repeat them to me or in involve me in the repetitive bs.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Wars are fought daily. Not all wars are fought with guns and tanks tho. Some of us have wars brewing within ourselves. The war can be as small as making a decision or as big as whether or not to do something you know you shouldnt even tho it may feel real good. Sometimes winning a war is fufilling but the damage and chaos left in its wwkeis irreversible. Nobody wins a war. I dont know if total destruction of a person or an ideaology is worth my sanity. Some wars should and could be prevented by simple communication. Wars of the mind are far more expensive than meets the eye. Stress has been linked to cancer. Some wars are not worth fighting. The social wars we fight not only take a toll on us it also burdens those around us. Everyone is not a crusader and not every dispute should cause a war. Life is full of battles dont go making wars avoid them at all cost or at least use every strategy you can to find a peaceful resolution.


Consistency is key to the success of anything. Inconsistent behavior makes it hard for people to take you serious. Inconsistent is not a quality I ever want associated with my name. I am a pattern based thinker and once a patter of inconsistency is developed your validity is forever questioned. Consistency establishes routine and routine is good. We all know that life happens and sometimes patterns have to be altered in order to survive. Consistency helps avoid chaos. Consistency starts with discipline. Discipline will provide you the self control needed to set boundaries. A lot of the things that makes us inconsistent are not necessity simply a choice. I f you set rules and stay within such rules consistency becomes a natural practice and is maintained almost effortlessness.
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”-Aristotle

When is quiting ok?

Everybody always say quitters never win and winners never quit but what if winning is no longer worth it. What if the scars drama and chaos caused by not leaving a situation alone are so tremendous you no longer wanna see what could be? I never been known to be a quitter and then I should have quit a few things way sooner and saved all of the involved parties the headache. I believe its safe to draw the line at unhealthy. If a person or affiliation with a person or organization does nothing but cause you question yourself your morals your values and only seems to add stress to a already complicated life that equals unhealthy. When something or someone you love begins to become the source of anger and disappointment maybe quitting is a realistic option. I believe in fighting for what you believe in. But check this one out quitting is a fight within itself. To truly quit a person or a situation doesn't happen overnight especially if this person or group at one time meant the world to you. So quitting is not always the best option or what I suggest but if quitting something maintains your sanity well nobody should do or say anything but respect it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Reacting vs Responding

The process of reaction vs response has not yet grown own me I tend to make rather impuulsive decisions based on anger. My mentor tells me constantly when I begin respond and not react my life will be lesss stressful. It is easier said than done tho. In the heat of a moment nobodyy wants to take time to formulate a educated response I rather crush you now and get it over with. The truth is he is right as I lokk aat some recent events and responded vs reacting I would be better off. Half the time if we step back and think of a response there wouldnt be one needed because the things we reactng to are dumb and deserve no response anyway. I challenge you as I challenge myself to sit back and asses something where responding got you further than reacting .Then try to use those same coping skills daiky to avoid a few arguments and bad decisions. A educated response will save you from or even solve a problem. A reaction normally starts nore problems. If i rreact to everything you do or same then I have gave you control over me and that cant happen. Responding is safer smarter and usualy involves strategy and planning. This concept is not a easiy to master. The fact remains that impulsive be havior usually does more to harm us then helpss us try responding vs reacting and see if it does syou any jutise.

Nobody Is Perfect

Man nobody is above recourse. Nobody is without flaw. Its not my job to judge you or your job to judge me. I have done alot of questionable things and you have too. I really hate those of you who portray yourself as above everything. I hate those of us who are holier than thou. I am sick of hypocrites and phonies. I know that the skeletons in my closet are just as many as yours. Get off your high horse people nobody is perfect. We all have flaws baggage and short comings. It simple process dont judge me and  if my flaws is so bad dont fuk with me . If people judge themselves as hard as they judge others no judgement would take place at all cause we all do fukd up shit. I accept my flaws and work on them daily so fuk u for judging me the energy you wasted could have been used to better yourself . Nobody is perfect period.


Jealousy its everywhere and I can't think of one thing jealousy has ever did to make me better. Why be jealous? What makes it ok to be jealous? Where or what does one stand to benefit from being jealous? Jealousy is the stupidest thing that you should ever be . It doesn't look good on any of us. I can't afford to be jealous as long as I am living I can work hard and get what I deserve. My lane will provide me a certain amount of fun and success. Half the shit people seem to harbor jealous feelings about aint worth the trouble. If you had what you think you want which lead you to harbor such feelings you give it back to me I promise. Everything aint for everybody so jealousy only will put you further off track from the things you deserve. Jealousy is counterproductive to all growth and progress. Don't be jealous of nothing or nobody be DETERMINED and go get yours not be upset because somebody has what you don't.

Misery loves company

Life is full of trials and tribulations.Certain situations can be avoided. By simply minding our own biz. Social networks are hilarious. People allow this fake representation of words to be there rule and guide for the real world. Sorry but the internet is a tool. Social networks allow people a venue that otherwise would never have the courage to say. If you hate yourself and your life thats your biz but don't involve me in that shit please. Its something we all got to watch for. Some of our peers are losers and ok with leading a loser lifestyle. Everybody has that one person in their life that nothing is good enough they are always right and you are  always wrong etc. Some people like to mope and dwell in the dumps don't let them bring you there. Say hi and keep it moving. If you must deal with them then keep it short and positive. At the end of the day when you know your intentions are good and wholesome and with no malicious intent take comfort in that and keep living. Dont let the stupidity and negativity of others get you angry and lose sight of your goal. I truly believe being the victim is some folks only tool to rationalize there lifestyle cause they have no ambition. Don't let a loser make you lose allow them to enjoy there misery all alone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Success is what we all want. Success is what we all need to feel good. To appreciate success you must understand failure. Without experiencing defeat you cant appreciate victory. Success should be measure in your mind. What i mean is I cant measure success based off the next mans accomplishments. I can take from others accomplishments and set a standard of what success looks like and do what I need to do to achieve such. Success is what you make it. We must define success for ourselves. It is beneficial to us to celebrate our small victories as they are the stepping stones to future success. Success

Saturday, November 5, 2011



[loi-uhl-tee] Show IPA
noun, plural -ties.
the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.
faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.
I use this term a lot. I hate that so many times this is not the behavior that I receive from which I should. Loyalty is very important and high up on my list of must have qualities. I expect you to be just as loyal to me as I would be to you. If you not loyal to self you cant be anything to me. If you lie to yourself you will lie to other people. If you have a history of being inconsistent and indecisive when making decisions for your own life I can't expect anything different as it pertains to me. Maybe the lack of loyalty people have to themselves is what makes it acceptable to be so disloyal to others. Everything in the way of progression begins with self. If you can't stick to your guns and have a certain type of conviction about your own well being you can't be loyal to me. Be careful who and what you vow your loyalty too and be sure that they have the capacity to vow the same to you.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Life is a journey not a destination. Along such a journey will be many trial , tribulations, and tragedy. The oppurtunity will present it self to fail as well as a chance to be great. Life is what we make it. We can't live our life in comparison to others. We have to define ourselves and our lane and god will provide purpose and direwction for our lives. No two lives will be the same and my struggle may not be yours. The next persons life can teach you a lesson and spare you a mistake in your on life . So live life and know it wont be all good but as long as you alive it aint all bad.



[res-uh-pros-i-tee] Show IPA
a reciprocal state or relation.
reciprocation; mutual exchange.

i never forget learning this word and adding it to my vocabulary. One sided events is something that never worked well for me . A old playa once told me whats good for the goose is good for the gander. We all heard that fair exchange aint no robbery. I believe to achieve success in any relationship be it business or personal certain things must be reciprocated. Never go all out or give more of yourself than the other party is willing to. Never make someone or something a priority if you are simply a option. Balance is a key component in any successful situation and to me reciprocation is a perfect example of balance.



the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally; repute: a man of good reputation.
favorable repute; good name: to ruin one's reputation by misconduct.
a favorable and publicly recognized name or standing for merit, achievement, reliability, etc.: to build up a reputation.
4.the estimation or name of being, having, having done, etc., something specified: He has the reputation of being a shrewd business

Reputation man well this blog could be a book but I will address a few thoughts and keep it going . As a youngester I did so much dumb shit all in a ttemp to establish a certain reputation. As a mature adult I look back at such like damn how dumb was I I should be a millionaire right now had I did things a tad different. Reputations usually proceed peopl and my rep aint the greatest nothing in my past says discipline or intelligence. Once a rep is established how does one change it. My conflict with the above stated definition is this the genral publics opinion of me really dont matter to me so why are they deemed worthy to assess who and what I am. Secondly can an already established rep be changed? The boy I was at sixteen is vastly different from the man I am at 25 therefore I find myself being judged for decisions made in my childhood which effect my progress as an adult. All i know is looks can be decieving and the rep that normally proceeds me is far from present day it hilarious. At this point I have forgot more than some of you clowns will ever learn so see me however you may but I know the truth so fuk reputation if you ask me cause most peoples rep aint reality.

Look at this shit (love)


[luhv] Show IPA noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
sexual passion or desire.
a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5.(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?

Ok ladies in gents I was doing some research and came across this definition via dictionary.com. I have to adress the third definition. Man this is the shit that get people killed or make people commit suicide. If you don't get nothing else out this blog here this, SEX DOES NOT EQUAL LOVE. The third definition or the practice of such will lead you to a world of hurt, hard times, and a large number of sexual partners trying to figure out what love is. I have seen so many fucked up interpretations of love its crazy. MONEY DONT EQUAL LOVE either. This word is so over used and so misunderstood. I am guilty of misuse of this word or saying it simply to get what I wanted in my past . I have seen first hand how this is dangerous. I actually have a scar to prove it lol. I believe to truly know and experience love we must first love ourselves. We must have our own best intentions in mind. If you don't love self you cant love nobody else period. Love defines itself thru action and mere words dont equate love in my book. Don't get fooled


I am a fan of Robert Greene. I admire the knowledge as well as the way he structures his pieces. In 48 Laws of Power for each law he states a reversal of this law as to where the practice of such may not play in your favor. Isolation is one of those things that can help and hinder all the same time. I am a sociology major and I tend to look at things at a systems level. I like to analyze how all part effect the other. The sociology definition of isolation is :  a lack of contact between persons, groups, or whole societies. Sometimes our friends and families can blur our vision and lead us to make decisions differently then we originally planned . The benefits of isolation for me are simply clarity and the chance to analyze situations minus distraction. My mother and family dont think its a healthy practice. The downside of it that I have been known to get so far into my  head and become consumed with my situations that I shut off the world and take a me against the world approach. I guess the cliche all things in moderation is the safest approach to take with isolation.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Patince is a hell of a concept. We all know the cliches that patience is a virture, or good things come to those who wait. When i was becomining a MM I got so sick of the term wait with patience I wanted to scream everytime I heard it. I have two issues with patience. I am realistic and logical enough to understand that in order to truly achieve success time is needed. The question I never get a answer to is what do I do in the present? In the present struggle where does my patience help me? In the present patience dont pay bills patience dont feed kids patience dont take away the stress of daily life. What i dont understand secondly is who knows what my patience will actually going to play to my advantage? What if I play by the rules be humble be patient and still lose? Then what did I gain from patience? Another life lesson another emotional scat?Something to build on for future battles? I believe in time I will completely grasp the concept but its still growing on me .

Pep Talk

If you dont encourage yourself then how can you expect others to support. There is a thin line between winning and losing.There is a thin line between being confident and being cocky.sometime what others see as being cocky I see as the necessary level of confidence needed to succeed.I believe i am the best even when i dont feel i am the best i wont tell you lol. I believe it up to us to believe that we can do whatever we think we can do. I am the best cause god made me with purpose and as long I am breathing I am able to be successful. Compliment yourself build yourself up love yourself cause if you dont nobody else will. Give yourself daily pep talks and reminders of you goals and expectations and settle for nothing but the best for yourself. Also demand what you expect of yourself from those you choose to keep around you. The best you makes those around you better. We can benefit from aa daily pep talk.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am a believer that all things happen for a reason. I believe even a series of unfortunate events could be the test you need to prepare you for the greatness you are going to achieve in your immediate future.Sometimes the things we pay little or no attention to is the opportunity we need and least expect and meed. Be observant all things going on around you. Somethings you only get one shot at dont miss out .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not me

Scarface said all i have is my balls and mybword and i aint breaking em for nobody. Classic line and something we should all practice. Some call it morals some call it values some call it the code whatever you recognize it as just stay true to it. I do alot of things alot of which im not proud of and pray my kids never do. In my years of life i can say i dont do wrong by those i consider to be solid. One thing i learned is that every situation you endure has a lesson attached to it its your job to catch it.I am alot of things but a snake a fake a hypocrit im not. I do and have done alot of questionable things but never will i bite the hand that feeds me or stab a nigga in the back for personal gain. To be honest i rather work wit you learn how you got your success and add a ferg twist and prosper with you . I am alot of things but anything other than solid thats not me i face my flaws and accept them and work daily to conquer them. Anything other than real sorry cuz thats NOT ME !

Random shit

So everyday you do the same shit yet you complain. Nobody really takes you serious and your next move is already understood. Do i feel sorry for you nope i dont . It kills me to see the evolution of people i care for go backwards. If you have no drive and no ambition you will not be alive merely existing. That is a scary thought to be ust simply here with no purpose or direction. No meanigful contribution to society in any shape . I wanna see everybody prosper i wish you all wealth and prosperity but i cant do shit for you if you dont want better for yourself

Monday, October 31, 2011


Every been in a situation that you dint wanna be in yetyou do ya best to maintain. I am there currently inbone of those. I love my friend but friend you full of shit. I hate the fact that all that was sacred to our friendship is questionable lately but i stay a friend regardless . This new you aint the friendbi know and love . This new you scares mee seems to be so fuking out of character its scary. I know tou to be a boss. I know you to be a strong intelligent god fearing women and always three steps ahead of the competition. This new you behavior is weak to say the least your behaving like the men and women we use to sit and laugh at cause they so lost. Doing what you doing to get to where you going and i see it just dont loose yourself along the way. Love u friend. RANDOM ASS BATMANJUICE BLOG


When i say brother in this text i am not refereing to biological sibilings. The brother iam refering to is defined as one related to another by common ties or a fellow memeber- ie fraternity or orginzation. The strenght of the black community was unity. The concept wentbwithout saying . Every body was responsible forbthe next. Nobody played for self. Every body was every bodies keeper.so lets asses the keeper part. I took a oath and obligation in my orginazation to be nothing less than my brothers keeper. Keeper in the sense of keeping him within due bounds as i expect them to do for me. I have always been one to help another since early in life . My mentor stresses the fact that the changes and innovations we achieve or obtain or not for us to bask in but to make the road better for the brothers that follow us. If i am my brothers keeper certain things are sacred. Excuse my french but pussy is not more important than my bond to my brother period.No bond other than my kids is bigger than my bond to my brother. The lack of loyality and common courtesy is disgusting at times. People i admired and once wanted to be like in certain aspects now are a joke to me. Being my brothers keeper got me enemies and headaches all the while theey still gaining access and success off simply using my name. To those of you that stay true to ya oath and truly are your brothers keeper i admire and respect ya efforts. I am my brothers keeper but i need to ensure that those i wanna keep are truly my brothers and worthy of being kept. Are you your brothers keeper? THINK ABOUT IT


1. A sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect.
2. Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association: parental pride.
3. Arrogant or disdainful conduct or treatment; haughtiness.
a. A cause or source of pleasure or satisfaction; the best of a group or class: These soldiers were their country's pride.
b. The most successful or thriving condition; prime: the pride of youth.
5. An excessively high opinion of oneself; conceit.
Pride is a double edge sword . Pride can keep you from stooping to levels beneath yourself to prove a point and pride can be the reason you fail. I pride myself in knowing myself and my limitations, but such pride has caused me to miss several opportunities. Where does one draw the line? When does pride reach the point of arrogance or conceit? When does pride reach a sense of foolish? I have no idea to be honest but I say this much pride has just as many ups as it does downs. Take pride in something or be willing to buy every dream you can be sold . Think about it!


Potential is defined as a latent excellence or ability that may of may not be developed. My question is that who determines or defines what potential actually is? Who sets the bar? Is my potential based on things that have already been done ? Or is potential defined by yourself and the things you hope to achieve? Is there a guideline for potential? Can one simply float by on potential? Potential lives is all of us . It is on us to define and understand what our potential is. If some one else defined what you potential out come will be and you simply shot for that they said you sold yourself short. Potential should be a motivator or a driving force to continue to grow and achieve new heights. Potential has to be harnessed worked with and molded in order for it to benefit you. Potential is nothing but a word without taking the necessary steps to allow it to benefit you. POTENTIAL

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Lost Art

In recent months since july to be exact i have experienced some wild shit in the name of being a friend . I have lost a good friend and made enemies over petty shit. In the name of being a friend i hurt feelings and estranged some life long friends. I look to my elders for guidance and examples for success. My parents still have they same friends from elementary and several associates made along the way. Everybody doesnt have the essential capacity it takes to truly be a friends. Everybody you meet is not a friend. Asssociates are essential they have a role not be confused as friends. The distance provided by associates make them useful. They cool to be around drink hang with drink etc. The mistake i made was expecting others to share my views and morals on friendship. I took those who should have been associates and treated them as friends something that is beyond there scope of thinking . Friend is defined one attached by affection of esteem one who is not hostile one that is of the same nation or group or favoured compainion. Anything other than this i do not call a friend. Friendship is the application of such qualities between two people. Frienship is no longer valued or sacred dont let such an art be lost in your dealings with others. To my bro that i lost thru this recent mess i love you abd hopefully in time you see the reason i didnt intercede cause as ya friend it wasnt my place. FRIENDSHIP A LOST ART

what if

So what if we all played by the same rules? What if we did no wrong and all was well? But this is not reality at least not to me so therefore we can play what if forever. I believe that we all have a purpose a calling and a strong suit. What is good for me may not be for you. What if we all only worried about ourselves? In order to truly grow we must start with self assessment and understand our own fears wants desires etc so heres a what if for all to consider. Whatt if i do things only to become the best me not for attention or fame simply to become the best me ? Stop wasting energy and time and ask yourself what if and you may be shocked what you discover. What if

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to expect from my blog

Social networks are limited in what is and isnt acceptable to post on this blog expect raw emotion and thoughtful insight based on life experiences and the wild  observations inside the mind of K-Ferg. Locally a reputation has been established but through this blog a man can be defined stay tuned sure to be entertaining and full of news you can use .