Friday, November 1, 2013

Living vs Existing

Living:the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type Existing:To live at a minimal level Two very similar words but not exactly the same. Though these definitions are very general they work very well for the way that I think. Of the two living is ideal. In order to pursue anything it takes action but if you are living at a minimal level how much resource to have for such action? Simply going thru the motions, having minimal success and growth is no fun for anyone. Proactively making choices and decisions in order to achieve a desired outcome is not always easy but surely it has to be more enjoyable than just existing. Everyone has a struggle and every one will have a unique battle that is meant for them to experience in order to live a lifestyle of specified type. I seriously doubt the desired or specified lifestyle that is being pursued is one of minimal gain or minimal progress. What are you in pursuit of and does your current situation really allow you to actively pursue it ? Are you living or merely existing? Do you know the difference...