Monday, December 2, 2013

Dark Thought

Dark thought aint healthy but here lately its become common and necessary. After playing nice, being tactful and considerate with negative results it shouldn't be hard to believe my mind begins to entertain thoughts that are ridiculous and ignorant. Like what if each problem could be solved with violence like if it was ok to go out and just riot. Make a mess cause constant mayhem so they can know the angered state that I seem to stay in. To set fire to the institutions that trained us to be this way. Tear a hole in the set of norms they established and by the end of the war maybe see a brighter day. Sick and tired of taking this and that just cause. Being understanding simply because they say "that's just what he or she does". Angry to the point of destruction because the lack of honesty and loyalty is beyond disgusting. Caring not about the big picture at all just that I see the demise of every one and every thing that has wronged me in the slightest way then reality kicks in and I go on about my way ...