Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pessimist or Realist ?

Riddle me this; If your daily life tends to be a great big meal of dissatisfaction and disappointment with a side order of crazy a desert plate of hate and a tall glass of u needed stress to go with the rest what is there to be optimistic about? If in every arena you tend to lose regardless of what strategy you use why would optimism be something you choose? Is is it still considered pessimistic if everything you do has a negative ending And no matter how much effort you put in you still end up losing wouldn't be realistic to consider that this ain't your season and it's not your turn to be a winner? If negativity is a constant in tour life and you begin to think negative about every situation in your life is it still pessimistic or are you accepting reality based on the cards that have been dealt and nothing ever going right ...

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