Thursday, March 15, 2012


Drugs and alcohol are not the only things we some time need to rid ourselves of. Detox has been defined as followed: 
1. To counteract or destroy the toxic properties of.
Now don't read this and say ferg told me to go kill and destroy any and everything that has been toxic to me but sometimes we must socially detox. We must get a way from the mix to see what ingredients in the mix are really not needed. Sometimes we must detox from family and friends. Everybody that say they care doesnt and every hand extended is not an attempt to help you. Survey your life and relationships and I am sure you can identify something or someone who is a toxin to your success. Once this toxin is identified sit back and weight the pros and cons of said toxin. If this toxin serves no role vital for you to sustain life let the detox begin. Detox is not always easy and normally involves sacrifice and pain. The only process known to have caused death is detoxing from alcohol so no cutting toxic people out your life wont kill you. Trust I am not preaching merely sharing a thought that I tend to put into action in the near future. Hopefully the end result will be something beautiful and beneficial to you and yours.

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