Friday, June 22, 2012


One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in church wasn't from a scripture but just as powerful and relevant. I will never forget it either. Rev said "YOU CAN LEARN SOMETHING FROM ANYONE,EVEN FROM A FOOL EVEN IF THE LESSON IS SIMPLY HOW NOT TO BE A FOOL"! This simple statement has helped me through many situation and also made me acknowledge the role we all have as INFORMAL EDUCATORS and to take such a responsibility serious. You never know who is watching, listening, and mimicing the behavior they see you exhibit. I never want my words and deeds to contribute to the downfall of another. our youth are so impressionable and willing to attach themselves to any cause so why not give them a positive cause to be attached too. I aint talking church groups but people like me and you with real life experiences taking a second to drop a bit of knowledge to a young brother or sister to help them avoid a possibly bad situation. Believe it or  not whether we want to accept and embrace it we all play the role of INFORMAL EDUCATOR what type of lessons are you teaching.........

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