Monday, November 12, 2012


The statement is comonnly made that men now days dont know how to treat a woman. They say chivalry is dead, love is a losing game, and everybody just wanna fuk and have a boo thang. So if this the norm whose fault is it? Women criticize men for there behavior 24/7 but ladies do you stop to think of the behavor you exhibit and how they may effect him in his approach to dealing with you? Chivalry dead huh naw i beg to differ in generations past chivalry was the standard now it seems to be an option. Chivalry is such a foreign experience to some women that have absolutely no knowledge in how to accept and appreciate chivalry when it is being shown to them. If i compliment her she say its game, if i hold her door or pull out her chair im showing out for attention. Love well thats one monster that has every been a easy conquer but its simple you get out what you put in and if you put ya best in and get played in the end its ok learn from your mistakes and not repeat them the next go round. The rise of the no title boo thang agreement is hilarious because if you have relationship rules interactions and expectations from your boo thang might as well make it official and save yaself the hassle. Last but not least everybody want sex with no strings attached well i think it takes a cold male or female to truly fuk consitently no strings attached if you have the ability to detach yourself from reality and the natural emotions having sex with a person brings you are one tough person.If you want more than sex from him or her dont be so easy to give it and they may appreciate it the fact you made em work for it......