Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 in review

Every year i sit and reflect on the year that I had. I can say this was truly a year of discovery. I learned so much about myself thru the manner in which I dealt with others. I found even tho it was brief a level of enjoyment that i really had given up hope to find. I watched the downfall of some strong bonds over bullshit and witnessed the power of non validated info destroy some potential awesome situations. I learnerd to not be so quick to shoot but to make sure every shot fired serves its designed purpose. I did wrong I did good I loved I lost I told many lies and many truth. I hate the term "new years resolution" but i have no problem with making some self observations and attempting to change them. All things we experience have a lesson in them its on us to pay attention and learn it and save us the trouble of repeating the same mistakes. 2013 will be interesting as new friends have been made and old wounds still arent healed but with observation and strategy I think i be ok ....

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