Sunday, December 16, 2012

Only as good as it benefits them

LOYAL:faithful to one's oath, commitments, or obligations: characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows, allegiance, obligations, etc Reciprocation: a returning, usually for something given.a mutual giving and receiving. The above definitions are two things things I harp on often. The lack of these things make life a lot less fun. To know that your loyal deeds are not appreciated and simply looked at as that what "he" pose to do since he my friend is not going to cut it no more. To go above and beyond for friends and not for recognition or praise but simply because as a friend you believe the same will be afforded to you. I have went without in trust that friends would pay debt on time nope. I ask of you nothing yet every time I speak with you you need of me smh. The fact that our friendship benefits you and your needs more than it benifits me is crazy. The fact that I can't even vent to a friend without first having to counsel and console them and there shit that i never even see the point in attempting to voice my issues. Maybe since I am only as it benefits them maybe I should just remove myself from them .........

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