Monday, October 14, 2013


Invest has several definitions but two in particular stand out for me. One financial one social. Definition put (money) to use by purchase or expenditure in something offering potential profitable return. Definition 2 to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc) as for a purpose or to achieve something. Investing is a risky business in general but more especially when its a matter of emotions. Profitable returns are never guaranteed in matters of the heart. When it is business investment its several tried and true systems of practice to study to protect your investment. Who is responsible for protection of emotional investment? We all seen scam artist make off with millions in ponzi schemes. There was a judiciary process for those victim to regain or retain their investment but how does one regain time talent emotions etc? Aggressive investing whether it be financial or personal can be devastating. The old saying goes think before act because investment of time talent and emotions that yeild no returns are a complete,lost money can be made again. Be mindful of who and what you choose to invest in.....


  1. Investing is a I say no risk, no reward. I like to take risk and step out on faith with any investment I make. Granted tge return on investment sometimes sucks, but I learn from it...withdraw from tgat investment and look for another stock. The investment I have invested in now...whew it means more to me than any other investment I have ever made. I have faith in this investment. Its just taking its time to "mature".