Thursday, April 5, 2012


I hate death but I know it s a destiny no man can escape. For me death leave scars unanswered questions, and a wealth of other issues.Yea I know we all got to go one day but here lately people leaving at a alarming rate. The demographics are all over the place young old good folks bad folks its kinda scary.Sadly some deaths are easier to accept than others. Sadly some are expected cause of the lives they chose to lead.They say you should learn something from you got thru but what is the true lesson in death? The deceased aint here to teach it because they the only ones that know. Some say death teaches us to maximize our days in the world and be hospitible and square all our affairs in the world etc etc... We can go on and on about lessons that death can teach. At times I am jealous of those that got called home . It got to be better than this bullshit we call life. Life minus chaos, lies, pain, bills, and all things negative no struggling and not a concern of any sort hell maybe death is a victory............

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