Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let Me Be

Somethings and some people are just fukn stupid no way around it. Provoking a man with serious temper issues is not smart. Compare it to poking a sleeping tiger a stick. Whe he wakes up and rips ya head off dont cry blame yaself. Its stupid to be so concerned with your point being hears that you disregard all other logic in said situatons such as the feelings of the others involved and effected by your actions. I am from here now and here own assuming the role of that sleeping tiger. I aint fukn with yall so let me be and I wont harm you. Poke me with a stick if you want to but the response you will get you wont like so just let me be and avoid the whole situation. If you do decide to poke and provoke me save the victim bullshit you cant control my rage cause has you never poked me to bgin with we wouldnt be in the situation to fukn begin with ...........

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