Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Screaming on the inside

Why are you so quiet today? The nice lady asked me but funny she used the word quiet. Its very loud noisy and chaotic at the moment at least inside my head. I respond I am ok just thinking. really I'm not ok. SCreaming fussing cussing crying and fighting all at once on the inside. Why you may wonder ha why not if you was me you would too. Thats the life for me these days. Bro got time my ace held by the feds only questions no answers lil sis struggling with the loss of the man she loved so dearly murded over bs it hurt like yesterday but its years old now just to name a few. But wait there is more I'm broke love life is non existant more responsibility than resouce and thats just the way its goes. Im not complaing tho just stating facts . I have found my niche in the midst of this choas and made myself at home. I probally wouldnt know how to function if things was any other way than they are. So even tho I am screaming on the inside I wear a smile on the outside............

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