Thursday, January 3, 2013


Ideal can be defined as the ultimate object or aim of endeavor. Ideal is it. Ideal is what perfect is for you. So i pose the question, as it pertains to relationships how does one discover what is ideal? Its like a social experiment everyday to maintain a healthy relationship. No two days will be exactly the same. How can a relationship be ideal if it is forever evolving on a daily basis? True as in any experiment there will be constants that never change which give you a steady foundation from which to build but those can change sometimes too. Ideal or perfect or whatever you believe to be best suited for you could be the very things that makes me not wanna be around you. Do couples that survive in fifty sixty year long marriages begin to adapt the others ideals? That would seem like the only logical answer to have a similar seidea of what ideal is and work in unison to achieve the same goal. Heres whete this concept and defition gets tricky for me and end with one simple question How can i be the ideal mate for you if i have yet to achieve the ideal me ? Just something to think about

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