Tuesday, July 2, 2013


If I initially approach her and shower her with compliments show up with flowers in hand open doors pull out chairs and be the perfect gentlemen I will be viewed as extra and running game. If I keep the convo general and basic discuss work and CNN and my degrees and accomplishments then I will be viewed as boring uppity and see centered also seen as making myself out to be more than I am. If I initially hit you inbox with what's ya name bra and panty size etc I will be viewed as thirsty. Now here is where the shit gets interesting so follow me closely. Attempt number one was genuine and not appreciated simply written off as a joke. Attempt two was a chance to see if maybe her response to attempt one was a fluke and maybe just maybe we can connect on a intellectual level. Attempt three came about as a result of her horrible handling of attempts one and two so hell I might as well go for the pics and see if I get lucky while I'm at it. The saddest observation of all the situation is that she fails to acknowledge that her actions or lack there of will affect the that he approaches women from that day forth. Something to think about ......

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