Monday, October 31, 2011


When i say brother in this text i am not refereing to biological sibilings. The brother iam refering to is defined as one related to another by common ties or a fellow memeber- ie fraternity or orginzation. The strenght of the black community was unity. The concept wentbwithout saying . Every body was responsible forbthe next. Nobody played for self. Every body was every bodies lets asses the keeper part. I took a oath and obligation in my orginazation to be nothing less than my brothers keeper. Keeper in the sense of keeping him within due bounds as i expect them to do for me. I have always been one to help another since early in life . My mentor stresses the fact that the changes and innovations we achieve or obtain or not for us to bask in but to make the road better for the brothers that follow us. If i am my brothers keeper certain things are sacred. Excuse my french but pussy is not more important than my bond to my brother period.No bond other than my kids is bigger than my bond to my brother. The lack of loyality and common courtesy is disgusting at times. People i admired and once wanted to be like in certain aspects now are a joke to me. Being my brothers keeper got me enemies and headaches all the while theey still gaining access and success off simply using my name. To those of you that stay true to ya oath and truly are your brothers keeper i admire and respect ya efforts. I am my brothers keeper but i need to ensure that those i wanna keep are truly my brothers and worthy of being kept. Are you your brothers keeper? THINK ABOUT IT

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