Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Lost Art

In recent months since july to be exact i have experienced some wild shit in the name of being a friend . I have lost a good friend and made enemies over petty shit. In the name of being a friend i hurt feelings and estranged some life long friends. I look to my elders for guidance and examples for success. My parents still have they same friends from elementary and several associates made along the way. Everybody doesnt have the essential capacity it takes to truly be a friends. Everybody you meet is not a friend. Asssociates are essential they have a role not be confused as friends. The distance provided by associates make them useful. They cool to be around drink hang with drink etc. The mistake i made was expecting others to share my views and morals on friendship. I took those who should have been associates and treated them as friends something that is beyond there scope of thinking . Friend is defined one attached by affection of esteem one who is not hostile one that is of the same nation or group or favoured compainion. Anything other than this i do not call a friend. Friendship is the application of such qualities between two people. Frienship is no longer valued or sacred dont let such an art be lost in your dealings with others. To my bro that i lost thru this recent mess i love you abd hopefully in time you see the reason i didnt intercede cause as ya friend it wasnt my place. FRIENDSHIP A LOST ART

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