Monday, October 31, 2011


Every been in a situation that you dint wanna be in yetyou do ya best to maintain. I am there currently inbone of those. I love my friend but friend you full of shit. I hate the fact that all that was sacred to our friendship is questionable lately but i stay a friend regardless . This new you aint the friendbi know and love . This new you scares mee seems to be so fuking out of character its scary. I know tou to be a boss. I know you to be a strong intelligent god fearing women and always three steps ahead of the competition. This new you behavior is weak to say the least your behaving like the men and women we use to sit and laugh at cause they so lost. Doing what you doing to get to where you going and i see it just dont loose yourself along the way. Love u friend. RANDOM ASS BATMANJUICE BLOG

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