Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Dont have a title simply a rant. The main folks playing innocent is the biggest crooks. Maybe your recreational drug usage impairs your memory idk but its funny how in one sentence lie to me twice and still expect me to be a concerned friend and offer advice and support. Not! Some people still have a notion that allows them to operate there life with no regard to the way there behavior effects others . The second you call them out you the bad guy and they the victim. I have made a pledge to myself to boycott bullshit for the rest of my days. Bulsshit being to me anything or anyone who is not moving in the sme direction as me and woking to obatain growth wealth and success. Dear you as much as I love you I hate you at times and until you can keep it 100 at all times not only when it stands to prove your innocence or the guilt of another party I will take all words you say with a grain of salt. You exhibit all the characteristics that you say you depise and go thru great lenghts to justify your methods sorry you just as wrongs as those you speak of. To thyself remain true. I dont even know if you grasp such a concept but o well I do and I aint breaking my balls for no one. Sad to see you now from what I know you can be smh

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