Monday, November 7, 2011

Nobody Is Perfect

Man nobody is above recourse. Nobody is without flaw. Its not my job to judge you or your job to judge me. I have done alot of questionable things and you have too. I really hate those of you who portray yourself as above everything. I hate those of us who are holier than thou. I am sick of hypocrites and phonies. I know that the skeletons in my closet are just as many as yours. Get off your high horse people nobody is perfect. We all have flaws baggage and short comings. It simple process dont judge me and  if my flaws is so bad dont fuk with me . If people judge themselves as hard as they judge others no judgement would take place at all cause we all do fukd up shit. I accept my flaws and work on them daily so fuk u for judging me the energy you wasted could have been used to better yourself . Nobody is perfect period.

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