Monday, November 7, 2011


Jealousy its everywhere and I can't think of one thing jealousy has ever did to make me better. Why be jealous? What makes it ok to be jealous? Where or what does one stand to benefit from being jealous? Jealousy is the stupidest thing that you should ever be . It doesn't look good on any of us. I can't afford to be jealous as long as I am living I can work hard and get what I deserve. My lane will provide me a certain amount of fun and success. Half the shit people seem to harbor jealous feelings about aint worth the trouble. If you had what you think you want which lead you to harbor such feelings you give it back to me I promise. Everything aint for everybody so jealousy only will put you further off track from the things you deserve. Jealousy is counterproductive to all growth and progress. Don't be jealous of nothing or nobody be DETERMINED and go get yours not be upset because somebody has what you don't.

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