Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is chivalry dead and if so who killed it?

Day in day out i hear my female friends complain about the treatment they receive from males. I read studies and articles that say the same thing. I disagree with chivalry being dead but I do acknowledge a decline but it is not dead at all.
the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.
the rules and customs of medieval knighthood.
the medieval system or institution of knighthood.
a group of knights.
5.gallant warriors or gentlemen: fair ladies and noble chivalry.

Once upon a time chivalry was a must. In the old days I would have been alone because for a long time I shunned chivalry simply because of past heartbreak. I vowed to never do anything extra until a women proved her self worth of such. Funny thing is it actually isn't extra at all just simply what you do when you genuinely interested in a woman. Courting was a good practice that we as a society have deserted. In the courting stage chivalry was what set you apart from the rest. Alot of us lack communication skills which makes chivalry hard some of us have no knowledge of chivalry therefore can't be expected to practice that which we don't know. I am going to be fair so don't go crazy on me ladies I am going to address the males in a sec but this part is for you all. Historically woman have always fought for equality. In the last few decades there has been a shift in the thought process and belief system in our society. Some gender roles have changed and along with it a new culture has emerged. What is this culture I speak of? Its the culture of MISS INDEPENDENT. The ultimate self reliant, unstoppable, woman that needs nothing or no one. I am a fan of a women with ambition, ability, and that is confident in her abilities. There is always a limit that must be imposed on anything to achieve success. Some of you are so independent that you become unapproachable in a sense. There is also a portion of you independent women that are so consumed with self and miss out as a man attempts to be that chivalrous knight in shining armor that you say you want and deserve. There is also a portion of woman who set the bar so low for getting there attention that chivalry is not needed nor would it be understood. Ok now on to me and my fellow males. I cant peak for all but I know that many of us refuse to do any more than necessary to get where we trying to go. A bustdown wont get treated as wifey material and vise versa. But brethren if you used a bit of chivalry she would be easier to bust down sad but I got to be truthful. We as males have to make sure that we don't sell ourselves short by simply accepting whatever the woman wants to give us. If we desire a classy lady we must carry our self even in a manner that exhibits more class than we expect them too. We must hold our self to a standard that would make chivalry the bare minimum and a mandatory practice in our daily lives. Now on to the murderer of chivalry. I am going to be brief and bullet these out because this is getting long but stay with my cause this going to touch all of us but if we know the problem we can find the solution so here we go. 1.The lack of fathers and positive male role models to observe. Its hard to do something you were never taught. 2.Ladies not making us step our games up in order to enjoy they company. A man can only do what you allow him to so either stop settling or stop complaining and learn to like the treatment you getting cause you the fool that allows it. 3.SEX SEX SEX!!!!! We live in a sex driven society. Sex is everywhere from advertisement, to movies, to everywhere we turn there is some sexual reference being made. I say this to say sex is so dominant in our society and we all have I am just trying to get mine attitude that there is no room for chivalry if all we want is sex. Define what is acceptable for yourself set standards and stick to them. Chivalry is far from dead and if we tweak a few things we can all ensure that it never dies but in essence becomes a standard for generations to come.

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