Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social networks vs Reality

Social networks have become a thorn in my side . Certain think certain things are pointed at them or about them and all hell breaks lose. Lets be rreal we all know that individual thats interrnet life and real that have nothing in common. Mind yo biz and let me do me and if i @ you its for you otherwise look and keep it moving. If it bothers you that much delete me . The reality I live in is fonsitent across the board. If i am down it shows if im up it shows. I hate the fact that I have to censor my thoughts for the sake of other peoples insecurities. Social networks dominate the minds of several folks to the point they believe all that they read and quickly pick up the phone and include others. The fact that i know niggas real life makes me simply laugh at them and keep it moving. Women lie men lie and I believe all social networks is a fukn lie . I think that social networks are drama central and have altered the lives of some folks that the live they life thru social media that the lines of reality are so blurred . I wont be surprsised in the future if mental health facilities provide inpatient treatment as a result of the mess promoted via social networks. Real life doesnt take place on facebook or twitter etc. Social networks are what you allow them to be dont let them become your reality.

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