Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Wars are fought daily. Not all wars are fought with guns and tanks tho. Some of us have wars brewing within ourselves. The war can be as small as making a decision or as big as whether or not to do something you know you shouldnt even tho it may feel real good. Sometimes winning a war is fufilling but the damage and chaos left in its wwkeis irreversible. Nobody wins a war. I dont know if total destruction of a person or an ideaology is worth my sanity. Some wars should and could be prevented by simple communication. Wars of the mind are far more expensive than meets the eye. Stress has been linked to cancer. Some wars are not worth fighting. The social wars we fight not only take a toll on us it also burdens those around us. Everyone is not a crusader and not every dispute should cause a war. Life is full of battles dont go making wars avoid them at all cost or at least use every strategy you can to find a peaceful resolution.

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