Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When is quiting ok?

Everybody always say quitters never win and winners never quit but what if winning is no longer worth it. What if the scars drama and chaos caused by not leaving a situation alone are so tremendous you no longer wanna see what could be? I never been known to be a quitter and then I should have quit a few things way sooner and saved all of the involved parties the headache. I believe its safe to draw the line at unhealthy. If a person or affiliation with a person or organization does nothing but cause you question yourself your morals your values and only seems to add stress to a already complicated life that equals unhealthy. When something or someone you love begins to become the source of anger and disappointment maybe quitting is a realistic option. I believe in fighting for what you believe in. But check this one out quitting is a fight within itself. To truly quit a person or a situation doesn't happen overnight especially if this person or group at one time meant the world to you. So quitting is not always the best option or what I suggest but if quitting something maintains your sanity well nobody should do or say anything but respect it.

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