Monday, November 7, 2011

Reacting vs Responding

The process of reaction vs response has not yet grown own me I tend to make rather impuulsive decisions based on anger. My mentor tells me constantly when I begin respond and not react my life will be lesss stressful. It is easier said than done tho. In the heat of a moment nobodyy wants to take time to formulate a educated response I rather crush you now and get it over with. The truth is he is right as I lokk aat some recent events and responded vs reacting I would be better off. Half the time if we step back and think of a response there wouldnt be one needed because the things we reactng to are dumb and deserve no response anyway. I challenge you as I challenge myself to sit back and asses something where responding got you further than reacting .Then try to use those same coping skills daiky to avoid a few arguments and bad decisions. A educated response will save you from or even solve a problem. A reaction normally starts nore problems. If i rreact to everything you do or same then I have gave you control over me and that cant happen. Responding is safer smarter and usualy involves strategy and planning. This concept is not a easiy to master. The fact remains that impulsive be havior usually does more to harm us then helpss us try responding vs reacting and see if it does syou any jutise.

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